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Sept 21

gr 6- finish quiz on google docs before end of the day friday

gr 7- finish “future postcards” on (all the way at bottom) view pictures and captions; answer questions on worksheet.  Also, complete part 1 “thinking about water”  


gr8–columbus primary source project due Friday sept 28


September 10, 2012

Grade 6–Notes–Highlight–prepare to discuss


Grade 7–Sign into Quizlet. Print and review vocabulary words.
Grade 8–Power Point sections due Wed. 9/12


Students should pick 1 of the Greek Gods found on the google docs link. Use google docs to enter character traits of the God.

Due Wed 5/23

5/15 helpful links gr 6

Gr 6 and 8 5/15/12


Gr 6-8


8th grade

Booklet due 5/4